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top 5 best baking games

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Baking and cooking are fun sports all dad and mom and teachers can do with their children. Even the youngest kids can mix up the components to make some buns or biscuits, and with a bit of parental steering, anyone could be consuming some scrumptious treats in less than an hour. Baking games are a fun manner to mix getting to know and play. Youngsters learn fast through play, and if the sport is surely properly, they may want to play it again and again.

Cooking and baking train kids a way to follow commands. Practical baking games are a a laugh manner to study new talents in the safe surroundings of a sport. Children of all ages will experience gambling cooking and baking games, so in case you need to teach your children some kitchen abilities, check out the following listing of 9 of the great.

Cooking and baking video games for kids

Papa’s bakeria Game

carisoprodol 150mg game is one of best game, playable by any type of age. This game is not restricted for just for girls of smal age. infact its story line and game play attracts attention of adult too, if they are interesting in baking and cooking. This game give you responsibility to manage a famous bakery in mid of a mall, where Customers are attracted to style and taste of your bakes and cooking. The more you satisfy your customer more you get stickers and labels and more you unlock next levels.

Ravens burger dream cakes

The ravens burger dream desserts kids’s sport is a fun, interactive game for children elderly four years and above. The set contains seventy five extraordinary cake portions, 15 ribbon cards, a cake measuring stick, a , and a few smooth to follow coaching cards. The game is simple to play and the kid with the maximum cards wins. Children will adore gambling on this top notch candy play bakery. It’s miles one of the most a laugh, creative baking games we have visible. The dream cakes sport is perfect for up to four gamers, so the entire family may have a move!

Cake pops children cooking games

The cake pops game for android devices we could youngsters bake cake pops without messing up the kitchen. Youngsters can pick from a ton of flavors, along with blueberry, chocolate chip cookie dough, red velvet, orange bomb and confetti birthday. This is a amusing sport for youngsters of all ages; it is also specially intuitive for more youthful kids. All youngsters need to do is pick their flavor, placed the elements in a bowl, blend and bake.

Brownie fit board game

In case your children love baking video games, they may have masses of a laugh playing the brownie healthy board recreation. This game is lifeless smooth to play. All youngsters need to do is discover and flip the matching brownies. It’s miles a fun reminiscence game for preschoolers – even babies might be capable of play – and it is a beneficial device for developing memory and range reputation talents. The game includes sixteen brownie pieces, a spatula and , and four plates for as much as four players.

Cooking mama let’s cook

The cooking mama permit’s cook dinner recreation is a a laugh sport for android devices. Youngsters of all ages can bake cakes and prepare scrumptious meals with this clean to apply recreation. The in-game controls are a lot amusing it’s going to experience as if you are sincerely cooking. Youngsters can pick out any recipes and make up delicious mixture dishes. Kids acquire one stamp consistent with day, and in the event that they collect seven stamps, they earn a brand new recipe! This is a awesome recreation for encouraging your kids to get innovative in the kitchen.

All above mentioned games develop kitchen skill for girls which give them Advantage in their Daily life. Stay with us for more interesting games information.

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Any pet owner has many stories about the funny experiences they have shared with their pets. This is what makes Purchase Soma Muscle Relaxers memes so funny and relatable. They reach out to the huge population of the public, as many of us have pets. And, of course, we all love seeing cute animals anyway.

funny animal memes

Take the above meme as an example. This is something we’ve all probably been guilt of. Standing on our loved pets paws. If we accidentally stand on friends foot, or hand, its a quick “Ahh, I’m sorry”. But, if we stand on our pets paws, we give them so much attention, affection and love. We truly are sorry, and hope they can forgive us.

We call our pets “baby”, “sweetie” or other nicknames. To many pet owners, our pets are also our family. We love and cherish them, we understand their personality and love to make a drama over them.

However, no matter how much drama this man makes, it looks like his husky isn’t going to be forgiving him anytime soon.

Let us take a look at another example of funny animal memes. The “Soma Double Cross Buy” meme is relatable to everyone, pet owner or not.

We get told to smile, and most of us are a little self conscious about our smile. Remember that day in school, you’re all waiting, lining up to have your photograph taken. You’re a little scared and nervous. Finally it is your turn, you sit down and the photographer says “Ok, give me a casual smile”. But, your nerves get the better of you and you end up pulling the most ridiculous smile anyone has ever seen.

Dog Teaches ClassWell, that’s exactly what has happened to this dog in the below meme. Sure, it’s a dog, so it is extremely funny. It’s relatable and makes you realize that one awkward smile isn’t going to ruin your life.

This is why funny animal memes are so great. Their impersonation of a human, in a strange situation makes it even more comical.

Keeping on with this topic, of animals impersonating humans, is this “carisoprodol equivalent” meme.

Obviously we don’t expect to see a dog at the front of our classroom when we want to learn. This is why animal memes are great. The unexpected really hits us in the face with amusement. How did the dog get into the classroom? What on earth could it possibly teach?

The unexpected memes raise so many questions. They keep our mind flowing, wondering, and trying to figure it out. It’s human nature, we want to understand, we want to know. But something we just won’t understand. So, we might as well just enjoy what we can. Laugh at the funny, and unexplained. The bizzare animals we see in memes. The carisoprodol 350 mg abuse impersonating humans in their daily lives.

Smile, laugh and enjoy. After all, what is life without a bit of fun and entertainment? It’s something we all need, and funny animal memes are the perfect source to provide it.

World of Tanks Hack

Soma Brand

tandene carisoprodol 125mg, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game developed by Wargaming Minsk, is taking the world by force. Free to play, with added premium in game purchases, the full on action game will keep people hooked for hours at a time. You can use acetaminofen y carisoprodol to increase your game-play module easily. All you need to do is to download the world of tanks hack by registering on the site we link with it.

World of Tanks is spreading fast like wild fire. It is available on many platforms such as XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, smartphones and even on a board game.

World of Tanks Game-Play

Beginning World of Tanks, players choose from a number of armored vehicles. They can only pick one. Once a choice has been made they are placed into a random map to begin battle. Once in the online sandbox World of Tanks, players have full control over the vehicles maneuverability. They are able to communicate with their fellow allies using a typed, or voice chat system. A single random match can be won by either:

  1. Destroying all the opposing enemy vehicles
  2. Capturing the enemy base

There are other types of game playing modes within World of Tanks, that have different rules and objectives to win. However, the game-play aspects remain the same.

World of Tanks Game Modes

Gamers of World of Tanks have a choice between six different game playing modes. They are:

  1. Random Battles
  2. Team-Training Battles
  3. Tank-Company Battles
  4. Team Battles
  5. Stronghold Battles
  6. Special Battles

Varying missions are also included in each of the World of Tanks game modes. They involve completing different objectives and give out different rewards based upon completion.

World of Tanks Vehicles

The game has replicated – as closely as possible – to the real life vehicles that are available in modern day warfare. However, some modifications had to be made to some vehicles to ensure an even and fair gameplay with the game mechanics. Five genres of vehicles are available to gamers, they include:

  1. Light Tanks
  2. Medium Tanks
  3. Heavy Tanks
  4. Tank Destroyers
  5. Self-propelled Guns

World of Tanks includes more than 400 vehicles from the British, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Swedish and U.S armies.

skype resolver

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Keeping in contact with your family and friends when you travel is so much easier thanks to modern day technology. Being able to use free services to speak to the ones you love is a fantastic benefit for everyone.

Services like carisoprodol diclofenaco sódico allow users to speak with anyone in their contact list, no matter the distance. Video calls, voice chat, instant messaging, Skype is one of the best and most popular software application to keep in contact with those you care about.

Skype brings people together. It allows a free service to the general public that will allow them to remain in contact with one another.

Benefits of Using Skype

Following are the main features of Skype that are the most useful. They provide a service that is helpful, practical and ideal.

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Basic version is free
  • Skype Premium is only $5 a month
  • Helps maintain relationships
  • Group calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Versatility in compatibility
  • Share contacts
  • Share files

Another thing that has helped Skype grow to be one of the best applications for keeping in contact is its easy to use nature. Almost anyone, of any age will be able to fully understand what Skype is and how to use it.

Modern day technology might seem daunting to the older generation, a generation that hasn’t grown up using computers, tablets or smartwatches to communicate. But Skype is different to all of this. Skype’s service is extremely easy to understand. Everything is laid out in the right place.

How You Can Use Skype

So, you understand the benefits that Skype has to offer, now let’s see how useful it can be. Let’s say, you and a few friends decide to go traveling for a few weeks around Australia. However, not all of your friends were able to go. Skype will allow you to keep in touch with them as you explore and experience a new environment. You can use your smartphone to take your friends a long with you on some of your trips. Show them the incredible scenes, and speak to them. Share photo’s, videos and ensure they don’t feel left out.

Or, if your son or daughter is moving away to spend a few years at a distance University. Skype will allow you to keep in constant communication. You will be able to see them and hear them thanks to Skype’s video and voice calling.

In all honesty, you can use Skype in any situation. Whether it’s to maintain long distance relationships with friends, family or partners. Alternatively, you can just use Skype to speak with someone, as you would with a telephone, but it won’t cost a penny.

Skype IP Resolve Issue

Sometimes, you might run across some Skype IP resolve issues. is the best para que es el carisoprodol naproxeno in the internet. Using will ensure any issues you have with Skype IP related problems can be solved, quickly and effectively.

This is a great Skype IP finder, and will resolve any Skype issues that you may come across whilst you are using Skype.

membership site

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Membership Area over a blog is becoming lot popular nowadays. In this you create a space where readers have to Pay to read your Content. Blog naturally gets 2 sections. Free section and Premium Section. TutsPlus is a really great example of membership site which can be looked upon as inspiration while constructing one for yourself.

1) Start Your Move with the Free Section.
It should be like Bait to catch the Fish. Start by Giving Valuable Free content in a free  section over Your Blog. Let the whole world wonder if your free section has this jewels, what the Premium section would have.

2) Select the topic of your blog wisely.
More High Traffic Keyword from search Engine you choose, it becomes easier to get Readers. Although this should not be your only criteria while choosing. Go with the Topic which interests you and you are passionate about it. otherwise you will never be able to pour your heart over the topic and write quality content for it. In the End of the day, Original and Quality content wins over web and search Engines are even work around this policy. Originality ranks First.

3) Divide the content in different Modules
Divide the content in different Modules in order of Relevancy or advancement and expertise in that topic.

4) How to set premium Section Charges?
Do not set your premium charges very high in initial Stage of Project. Move Gradually in rising your prices as your popularity and influence grow over the web. Dont Make them over $50.start for $19 ,then test the $29,if sales are not falling back,check the water at $39.How people are taking it at $49?.

5)How to Present your content?
The strategy which has worked for many wonderfully is start by putting first module of your course in a free section and put the Link for Premium content at the bottom. Its very  against human nature to read incomplete stuff. They will crave for completion. Put the Rest of Modules in Premium section. Let the Readers pay and get the Rest. Its called Attract and Hit Strategy.

6)Ways To increase Premium Members.

Email Marketing
Affliate Marketing for your Program
Social Buttons like facebook like and twitter share
Facebook Fan Page and dedicated  twitter page for your Service.

7) Create a Magic Sales page
Create a Magic Sales page for your blog. Offers should hit the visitors in face. They should get a feeling that something great is missing out. Sales Page can be optimized with lot of available tools like optimize Press.

8) 3D ecover
Design a 3D ecover Design on your sales Page .

9) Where To Host Data
Host data on Amazon S3 ,it makes video Hosting cheap if you are using video Tutorials as a tool to Present your Information.

10) Videos Rock For Promotion
Text Alone cannot speak Everything. Take advantage of Video and Podcast Tutorials.Illustration with help of series of Pictures is Best.

11) Mode Of Payment
Use Paypal at Beginners level to collect money. Clickbank is other preferred  option. You can install own Payment gateway in Latter Stages.

12) WordPress
Gearing up your wordpress blog to be  a membership site can be achieved with ease of Plugins. The complete guide to best wordpress membership plugins  has been explained in this article.


email marketing

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Discover Numerous Ways Of Email Marketing. Dos and Don’ts

Email Marketing is a very powerful tools but not many blogs realize it. A long email list you gather over your blog is a lot of money if put it to work. I have seen guys earning their lavish living just out of them. Email account in internet is just like a bank account in physical world. People keep a regular note of it. When somebody goes online its a must check like facebook. So if you gets into it ,it can do the magic for you.
Here are few things i have learned over period of time

1) Email Marketing is not just about making money of it, it helps your blog to make a brand.

2)First and widely served purpose which Email list do is driving traffic to your blog on arrival of new post, when you send  them a update , Hey i have written a new post , Check it out, Did you liked it?
Once you get traffic over blog. Traffic can be channelized to any money making way.

3) Readers of your Email list can be considered as only permanent ones , your real Fan club. Although there is nothing permanent under sun. Email list is a earned for forever. it even stays with you if you drop out of your blog.

4)Setting up your email sending Module in blog is quite easy. First You need to set up  a account with Mass emailing  SMTP services like aweber .aweber is best among its class. Second thing you need is opt-in email subscription box on a hot spot area like top right of your blog to attract your readers into it. Do you think , if you just request for their email , they will just give? World is not so simple , Put some greed to it.Read next point

5) Give your Readers a Benefit to opt-in for email subscriptions. Give them some free Valuable lesson in form of ebook or some premium section post which could tempt them in.

6) Make a special dedicated Squeeze Page for your Email Opt-in Box. Let it do the Magic.

7) When it comes to money Making with email list there are many ways. Most Popular is affiliate Marketing. Choose some ebook or ecourse from clickbank marketplace, write a dedicated article about it on your niche blog, and promote it with your email list. That’s it. Knack is email readers should get the feeling that you are just doing affiliate marketing.

8) Respect Your Email List Readers Promote the Product in which you yourself have the faith. Always ask this question. Will i buy it, if something like this has been offered to me.

9) Never Spam your Email list. You will kill it.

10) Do not send more than 2 or 3 Emails per week. Be sensible.

11) Deliver Monetized Reports over Email list, it works great

12) Show Your Email list counter over the blog. Most People are followers , they do it because others are doing it.


In short Email List is a valuable treasure if you put it to right use, it is $$$

earn money online with e-book

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Tips To Earn Money Online With E-Book

Earn Money Online With E-book out of blog is one thing i see lot happening around these days. Selling your own Product is most profitable if you get it right. It is alternate way of membership site/Premium content for earning money out of blog.
Before you start making a digital product do ask yourself lot of Questions regarding it.

1)Keep Yourself at the readers place and ask.
Will You Buy this book if it has been offered to you, if yes Why would you?. These Basic questions will help a lot in making of a quality e-book. Do check your reasons.

2)Understand Your Readers:-
Understanding your Readers a crucial Point in development of product , mark what your readers like what they do not. Check the comments and ask for helps a lot in choosing the right topic for your ebook. Logic is simple give what readers ask for. Because they are the one who will buy it.

3)Only Worthy information will sell :-
Choose the subject of your e-book wisely. Do not just copy paste your blog content. Others are not fools. Respect your buyers. They offer you money. Content of the book should justify the price they have paid for it . Only sell those information in book which has worked wonderfully for you and has helped you with benefits.

4)Build your Fan club:-
Before selling your books, you need to make a high Traffic blog with worth reading content in it. Make your loyal Friends online. Before Making Book you should have a good client base i.e your regular readers who ask more from you. Write your book for your fans.

5)Self-Publish your ebook.:-
Dont be afraid of it, its easy, Make a draft of it as a Word document, its available in every PC, ones draft is ready convert it to PDF with many PDF convertors online, it takes just that.

6) A Pre-Launch Is Necessary
Do a PreLaunch of your Product.

7) Treat It Like A Brand
Make a brand with your blog, which sets a background to your book.then sell your ebook.

8) Offers Really Convert Well
Put a great and irresistible offer on its actual price which is hard to ignore, it really works, People are do fond of discounts and coupon codes

9)Plan your sales strategy:-
Start with initial low rate for your book,Increase its price with its Popularity

10) Oh Yes, The Email Marketing
Do use Email Marketing , Facebook Fanpage and lot of Affiliates. They do boost the sale.

I guess it helps you inproducing quality book for making money online.if you want to Make  a membership site for making money online i guess you will like this article too

make money online with affiliate marketing

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Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing In These Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing is a very well known way of making money online but poorly utilized to its full Length strength. Its one way which can surpass all other ways whether its adsense or selling products in downloading money if presented to your Visitors in  a intelligent way.
First thing to discuss is What is not a smart way to do affiliate marketing.

Picking up any random Product from any Popular site like Amazon and expecting  it to sale is not affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing in its standalone format can do nothing , it has to coupled with some other way.

Here are three Most Successful way Make Money Online With Affiliate  Marketing with good conversion rates:-

1. Affiliate Marketing through Advertising Banners.-the most popular one.

2. Review Writing about a product and Placing Affiliate link at the end

3. Email Marketing about a Affiliate Link.

Few Tips that can do miracles in Affiliate Marketing

1)Sell Relevant Products :-
Affiliate Marketing Works best in the Niche blog. Your Readers know you well that you are expert in that subject, if you are recommending it ,it must be worth checking out. Do not Try to sell Playboy Magazine in your self-improvement Blog.

2)Choose Product Wisely:-
Before You start promoting a product, take a while and do your homework about that product. How many conversion rate your affiliate link is making is directly proportional to how worthy that product is.
Choosing the right product to sell is First and Foremost important step in process. Do research about it. Read reviews about it.what others are saying , In short the product you have chosen is worth selling or not.

3)Do not sell that  product to others,which you would never buy it for Yourself.
Logic is that simple. Only try to sell those products in which you yourself have a confidence in and you have used it in personal. It make lot of difference in sales. Its always easy to sell Good product.

4)How to choose a good selling  product?:-
Start with google and look for new and bestsellers. e-books and e-course get easy buyers , Prefer them. Promoting new products always attract more bees. People would like to try they haven’t tried before.

5)Browse through click bank MarketPlace:-
For me it has been the best place to look for affiliate Products. Each Product carry its stats with them, like average sale and Commission it gives.

6)Clickbank vs Amazon Associates  :-
ClickBank gives you more commission in sales which Moves from 50% to 75% than Amazon which barely goes above 15% in commission. Naturally More commission is More Money.

7)Write Reviews :-
Its always easy to put a affiliate link in a review of a product. Praise it and promote it and sell it

8) Catchy Images
Always put catchy Image Advertising Banners if you try to make sale through Adsense.

9) Making A Post:
Make a post, then search for a Affiliate link about it and just glue two things together. They Fetch Sales.

10) Keeping Eye On Others:
Look at others How they are doing it.Inspiration is Vital like Respiration.

11) Don’t Overlook Forums
Look through related Forums about whats making sales on web.Go with it

12) Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a Lions Roar , Your simple Email to your Email list gather over blog can Make a huge sale of a relevant product to your blog. Write a personal review about it , put a affiliate link and email it. It Spread like fire

13) Best Network Best Product
Best 3 Affiliate programs over internet are ClickBank, Amazon Associates and commission junction. They can get you all Products from books to Physical ones.


make money online

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Internet is a  space full of freebies to download , You can even download Money if You know Ways for it. First Yes , it is Possible to make money online , a Immense possibility , if you doubt it , Then First go and cure it with this article about 10 Top earning Blogs.

Before you ask this question How to make money online ? There is another question you should ask at First PlaceHow to make a Money Making Blog.Yes , it all starts with Blogging ,a sincere blogging from heart. Only a Sincere Blog can makes a High Traffic Spot on Internet.  All major search Engines Algorithms aims at one Thing

Worthy Ones Should Rank First
So Create a Blog that Worth Million Visitors. Second Thing, More Traffic = More Money . That’s a Quite self Explanatory Equation. For Creating a Worthy Blog ,there is no substitute of Quality Content ,Of course SEO Tricks has its Role to Play. Third Thing before we Dive into ways of making money, Have patience of Buddha in beginning , it Pays. Blog just sake of blogging, Money will anyway make ways to you along with Traffic.

1) Adsense alias Advertisement:
Its Simple. You Have a  Blog with lot of Visitors, reading Your posts. It makes it a HotSpot. That is it has a Great Potential To advertise for all sort of things. Hence the story begins. Advertising is a Most Popular and usually a successfull way to make money online.
Now Comes the job of getting Advertisers. if You are owner of a famous blog, advertisers will find you, email you. Just keep Your contact email over the blog. And you can fix a deal with them. Its the best Money making way in Advertisement Because you get the Whole Pie

Not So Famous?
Not a Problem ,you can Keep a Middle-Man in it. This is were Adsense Company Comes into Play, But now you won’t get the whole pie, Middle man eats alot. Best Adsense Companies Out there are:

Google Adsense
Private Ad Sales (First way i mentioned before)

2)Selling Own Services
Have You Made a 6-pack abs in gym?. Yes,Start teaching others how to make them. Everybody has a Some Special inclination towards a something in  life ,If you are earning Livelihood because of that thing you love ,you cannot be More Fortunate one.
Create a Niche Blog about your Love ,about hobby or skill you are passionate about,When Readers feel thats you have a expertise in what you are telling ,they will gradually ask for more from you, You can offer that more in form of services.
Services can be in form of consulting or freelance services. Good example of selling services are wellness programs , Skin care Advice Blogs ,SEO Experts and lot many ways still unexplored,waiting for you.

3)Affiliate Marketing
After Adsense, Affiliate marketing is most versatile way to make money online.It can beat every other way mentioned if done in a intelligent manner. It all starts with choosing a right product to sale. Choose products related your Niche blog because your readers know its your domain and when it comes to this subject, nobody knows better than you.
Do not choose very expensive products ,they don’t have good conversion rates . Ebooks and courses are best and most easy to sell. ClickBank, Amazon Associates and commission junction are best available affiliate programs.
Affiliate Marketing works best when coupled with review writing and email Marketing. Before choosing a product to affiliate , do research about it and check is it really worth promoting or not because bad advice can ruin your brand name.

4)Write Reviews
I consider Review writing as the most smart way to exist on internet Why ?
Reviews make a lot of quality and high traffic fetching content. Be true to your Experience when you write a review about a product, because it will help you gather confidence of your readers. Reviews should cover all aspects ,from pros to cons. Review writing is most smart way to make money online because it easily get coupled with Affiliate Marketing. It works like this,write a review and let your readers get to the product with your affiliate link.
You will earn money online from your review with affiliate link even after 6 month or a year.
You can spread your reviews with help of Email Marketing ,it makes lot of quick Money.

5)Make Book of your Blog and sell it.
Making a Ebook out of Blog and selling it right on Your Niche Blog with Attractive squeeze page is one thing happening a lot on internet these Days .
Start By Understanding Your Readers, read their comments and get a Feedback about whats readers are asking for. It helps alot in choosing right theme for publishing your Premium content in form of Ebook.
Second Important thing is, Do publish lot of free worthy and quality content over your blog, This will have you gather followers on internet and their trust the most valuable currency on internet. Your Readers should know that you have Expertise in what you are talking about.Lot of free Quality content will set a background for sale of your ebook.
It will make them wonder if your free content has this quality ,then How beneficial your ebook would be.

6)Email Marketing
Email marketing is very powerful tool for making money online. I often says email marketing is lion’s roar . Your one email with affiliate link to your respected subscriber can make a $1000 . Actually how much you make depends on how long your Email List is. Long Email Funnel = More Money making potential your blog carries. Its a really magic wand.
Start by making attractive ways for making your visitors subscribe in. Offer them benefits like a free worthy premium post or a your Magic ebook for Subscribing in because greed works.Email List helps most in driving  traffic back to your blog on arrival of new post when you update them about it with a email. Respect your subscribers ,don’t spam them.

7)Write Tutorials
Before Discussing it,Lets start with an Example – TutsPlus.
Just Looking Around this blog and you will know everything Why Writing tutorials can be lot of Money .Tutorials like reviews is another thing that make quality content. Actually providing information is the most basic thing on which internet stands. For making Money out of tutorials ,make a membership site of your wordpress blog , which can be easily geared to with help of Plugins.
Start by teaching first Module in free section, Put the rest in Premium section .
Quite wicked but very profitable way  Make very vivid tutorials by using video tutorials ,images and podcast .you can also sell them by making ebooks of them.

8) Membership/Premium Content
Membership Blogs are another lot emerging trend over net these days. If you are producing lot of quality content and doesn’t want to give it for free, Membership/Premium Site is a way. A wordpress blog can easily be converted to membership site with help of these best membership plugins.
Start by posting Quality Free content. It will set the preface for your Membership site. When Readers start asking for more out of you , You can present it in form of Premium content with restricted access. Readers don’t hesitate to pay if its helping them in some way.
Make your Sales Strategy. You can collect money with help of Paypal in initial phase . Later on you can install your own payment gateway system.

9)Sell Your own Product
This is another great way to monetize your blog.
First Step is of Course is Creating a Worth Selling Product .Follow a Simple Rule. Sell what people ask for . That is understand your readers ,read their comments and make out some thing of their needs ,Just Frame your Product Out of their Demand .Simplest Form of creating a product is in form of Ebook out of  your Niche Blog. You can Make Product out of your very blog, Like some Plugin you have Developed for your blog by hiring a Programmer out of some Sheer Requirement,There must be many other bloggers with same need as yours, Sell you Plugin.Wordpress Themes are other great selling Product.
You can sell Physical Products with your own creative designs over them Like T-shirts ,mugs etc by making use of sites like cafePress and spreadshirt. You can collect the money with help of Paypal or Clickbank.

10)Sell Your Blog
Last but not least. Sell your Blog. Selling blog makes a one time good big cash. What things determine the price of blog? Google ranking , Your monthly Traffic count, Popularity of your brand name over internet , your email funnel length and of course how much it makes every month . There are lot of websites where you can make it available to sale. popular one is Soma Brand Name.
So when starting a blog, its always advised not to attach your personal name in any form to your blog like in domain name or logo. because latter on if you wish to sell it, it will  have its toll.