Cat Mario

Awesome Toughest Flash Online Games

Hello there friends, my today’s post is about the hardest flash games which you can play online. I actually my self is a hardcore gamer and wish to play games with extreme difficulty levels. Today My spouse and i is introducing you to two best toughest game titles I ever play. 1 of my pal send me personally the links to these amazing games and asked me to experience and give him some reviews about these games. After participating in I felt very irritating because these games almost drive me crazy.

Very best Toughest Games I Ever Before Play

The games What i’m saying is are a modified version of famous Super Mario game series. Although they are not the official Super Mario Franchise games but these are modified version with extreme difficulty level. Consequently without the further explanation read my reviews about these games below.

Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a 2d action-adventure freeware solitary player video game that was primarily release in 3 years ago and formerly available for Microsoft Windows & all major Internet browsers. Cat Mario known to be the most frustrating game ever before on the internet. This kind of game is at first produced by Chiku, who developed it for his college or university exhibit. Cat Mario was at first known as Syobon Actions and is same like as Super Mario but throughout Cat Mario, your character will be a cat and there are far more booby traps in this game than excellent Mario.

Super Mario and Cat Mario games are almost having the same game-play but Cat Mario game is difficult than Super Mario. Main big difference between the two of these games is the playable character is completely different. In Nice Mario you have to play with an German Plumber with huge Mustaches named Mario while in this addictive game you’ll certainly be playing with a pretty white cat. Difficulty level of Cat Mario is far more difficult than Smart Mario since there are a lot of mama traps which will eliminate you without a reason. I suggest you to stay away from everything and don’t go for collecting the coin or everything else. If you want to stay alive in this game than take my two words advice, “Keep Running”.