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How To Make Money With Membership Site & Premium Content 

Membership Area over a blog is becoming lot popular nowadays. In this you create a space where readers have to Pay to read your Content. Blog naturally gets 2 sections. Free section and Premium Section. TutsPlus is a really great example of membership site which can be looked upon as inspiration while constructing one for yourself.

1) Start Your Move with the Free Section.
It should be like Bait to catch the Fish. Start by Giving Valuable Free content in a free  section over Your Blog. Let the whole world wonder if your free section has this jewels, what the Premium section would have.

2) Select the topic of your blog wisely.
More High Traffic Keyword from search Engine you choose, it becomes easier to get Readers. Although this should not be your only criteria while choosing. Go with the Topic which interests you and you are passionate about it. otherwise you will never be able to pour your heart over the topic and write quality content for it. In the End of the day, Original and Quality content wins over web and search Engines are even work around this policy. Originality ranks First.

3) Divide the content in different Modules
Divide the content in different Modules in order of Relevancy or advancement and expertise in that topic.

4) How to set premium Section Charges?
Do not set your premium charges very high in initial Stage of Project. Move Gradually in rising your prices as your popularity and influence grow over the web. Dont Make them over $50.start for $19 ,then test the $29,if sales are not falling back,check the water at $39.How people are taking it at $49?.

5)How to Present your content?
The strategy which has worked for many wonderfully is start by putting first module of your course in a free section and put the Link for Premium content at the bottom. Its very  against human nature to read incomplete stuff. They will crave for completion. Put the Rest of Modules in Premium section. Let the Readers pay and get the Rest. Its called Attract and Hit Strategy.

6)Ways To increase Premium Members.

Email Marketing
Affliate Marketing for your Program
Social Buttons like facebook like and twitter share
Facebook Fan Page and dedicated  twitter page for your Service.

7) Create a Magic Sales page
Create a Magic Sales page for your blog. Offers should hit the visitors in face. They should get a feeling that something great is missing out. Sales Page can be optimized with lot of available tools like optimize Press.

8) 3D ecover
Design a 3D ecover Design on your sales Page .

9) Where To Host Data
Host data on Amazon S3 ,it makes video Hosting cheap if you are using video Tutorials as a tool to Present your Information.

10) Videos Rock For Promotion
Text Alone cannot speak Everything. Take advantage of Video and Podcast Tutorials.Illustration with help of series of Pictures is Best.

11) Mode Of Payment
Use Paypal at Beginners level to collect money. Clickbank is other preferred  option. You can install own Payment gateway in Latter Stages.

12) WordPress
Gearing up your wordpress blog to be  a membership site can be achieved with ease of Plugins. The complete guide to best wordpress membership plugins  has been explained in this article.


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How to Do Email Marketing To Make Money Online ?

Discover Numerous Ways Of Email Marketing. Dos and Don’ts

Email Marketing is a very powerful tools but not many blogs realize it. A long email list you gather over your blog is a lot of money if put it to work. I have seen guys earning their lavish living just out of them. Email account in internet is just like a bank account in physical world. People keep a regular note of it. When somebody goes online its a must check like facebook. So if you gets into it ,it can do the magic for you.
Here are few things i have learned over period of time

1) Email Marketing is not just about making money of it, it helps your blog to make a brand.

2)First and widely served purpose which Email list do is driving traffic to your blog on arrival of new post, when you send  them a update , Hey i have written a new post , Check it out, Did you liked it?
Once you get traffic over blog. Traffic can be channelized to any money making way.

3) Readers of your Email list can be considered as only permanent ones , your real Fan club. Although there is nothing permanent under sun. Email list is a earned for forever. it even stays with you if you drop out of your blog.

4)Setting up your email sending Module in blog is quite easy. First You need to set up  a account with Mass emailing  SMTP services like aweber .aweber is best among its class. Second thing you need is opt-in email subscription box on a hot spot area like top right of your blog to attract your readers into it. Do you think , if you just request for their email , they will just give? World is not so simple , Put some greed to it.Read next point

5) Give your Readers a Benefit to opt-in for email subscriptions. Give them some free Valuable lesson in form of ebook or some premium section post which could tempt them in.

6) Make a special dedicated Squeeze Page for your Email Opt-in Box. Let it do the Magic.

7) When it comes to money Making with email list there are many ways. Most Popular is affiliate Marketing. Choose some ebook or ecourse from clickbank marketplace, write a dedicated article about it on your niche blog, and promote it with your email list. That’s it. Knack is email readers should get the feeling that you are just doing affiliate marketing.

8) Respect Your Email List Readers Promote the Product in which you yourself have the faith. Always ask this question. Will i buy it, if something like this has been offered to me.

9) Never Spam your Email list. You will kill it.

10) Do not send more than 2 or 3 Emails per week. Be sensible.

11) Deliver Monetized Reports over Email list, it works great

12) Show Your Email list counter over the blog. Most People are followers , they do it because others are doing it.


In short Email List is a valuable treasure if you put it to right use, it is $$$

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How to Earn Money Online With E-book and How To Promote

Tips To Earn Money Online With E-Book

Earn Money Online With E-book out of blog is one thing i see lot happening around these days. Selling your own Product is most profitable if you get it right. It is alternate way of membership site/Premium content for earning money out of blog.
Before you start making a digital product do ask yourself lot of Questions regarding it.

1)Keep Yourself at the readers place and ask.
Will You Buy this book if it has been offered to you, if yes Why would you?. These Basic questions will help a lot in making of a quality e-book. Do check your reasons.

2)Understand Your Readers:-
Understanding your Readers a crucial Point in development of product , mark what your readers like what they do not. Check the comments and ask for helps a lot in choosing the right topic for your ebook. Logic is simple give what readers ask for. Because they are the one who will buy it.

3)Only Worthy information will sell :-
Choose the subject of your e-book wisely. Do not just copy paste your blog content. Others are not fools. Respect your buyers. They offer you money. Content of the book should justify the price they have paid for it . Only sell those information in book which has worked wonderfully for you and has helped you with benefits.

4)Build your Fan club:-
Before selling your books, you need to make a high Traffic blog with worth reading content in it. Make your loyal Friends online. Before Making Book you should have a good client base i.e your regular readers who ask more from you. Write your book for your fans.

5)Self-Publish your ebook.:-
Dont be afraid of it, its easy, Make a draft of it as a Word document, its available in every PC, ones draft is ready convert it to PDF with many PDF convertors online, it takes just that.

6) A Pre-Launch Is Necessary
Do a PreLaunch of your Product.

7) Treat It Like A Brand
Make a brand with your blog, which sets a background to your book.then sell your ebook.

8) Offers Really Convert Well
Put a great and irresistible offer on its actual price which is hard to ignore, it really works, People are do fond of discounts and coupon codes

9)Plan your sales strategy:-
Start with initial low rate for your book,Increase its price with its Popularity

10) Oh Yes, The Email Marketing
Do use Email Marketing , Facebook Fanpage and lot of Affiliates. They do boost the sale.

I guess it helps you inproducing quality book for making money online.if you want to Make  a membership site for making money online i guess you will like this article too

make a blog

How to Make a Blog Earn Money Online

Blogging is like a revolution. If you make your blog then Your blog on internet is  your impression over the web.

Why Blogging?
Blogging is a Great way of self-Expression, You get People who can Read You. if you do not  like being Lonely, Certainly it will create a busy space for you and around you.

Blogging is a way to make Money on internet. All Ways from Adsense to Affiliate marketing Starts with a high Traffic Blog. So if you like making money, it will make  a way for you on internet.

Blogging can give life to your online Business.
Its other way to get social, when Reader comes to your blog, its like a guest has came to your house.

I can write a endless post about it. Lets find how to make a free blog.

If The Question would have “How to make a blog”. I would definitely have given a single confident answer –   Self Hosted WordPress Platform. But now the Question is bit different .How to Make a Free Blog. Yes Free blog has lot of advantages over self-hosted one. Biggest advantages is free of charge service from great companies. You don’t have to worry about bandwidth, Massive Traffic or your hosting Fees. You can sleep well because your blog stays on best infrastructure possible on earth for a blog. With advent of Blogging ,blogging Platform comes into existence.

To name a most Popular ones

To start with Blogger, First word to say is it is owned by The GOOGLE. So what ? It means your blog is in hand of  biggest internet company on internet. One is for sure, No traffic can Make it go down. You can use as many images on your Blog as you like Because bandwidth usage is google’s Headache. It is 100% Free. You can Monetize your Blogspot blog with any ads Network of your choice, it supports all. Affiliate Marketing or Email marketing, you can do everything. From SEO perspective blogger is best, how best? It is as best as self-hosted blog with Personal Domain. There are so many blogspot ranking number one on google. Okay, Tell me some Cons. Biggest con is Strict Terms and Guidelines of google, if you do not walk in them, They do not hesitate to delete it. Its that simple. OMG. So you don’t have full freedom in google’s hands.

Wordpress started the trend of blogging on internet and rest followed it. WordPress is easy to use software. You do not have to be a programmer to start blogging. It has a Big Plugins Repository which can make you do anything you have ever imagined of doing. It has endless number of Themes to choose from. You can make a blog look like Amazingly Beautiful with it. From SEO perspective. WordPress is the best software with categories to posts. They rank well. its 100% free.

Tumblr is a new man in the scene. Why they become Popular ?
First ,it is not blogging, its social blogging, Even blogs get Reblogged. Second Tumblr blog has immense Beauty. If you are an Artist ,its for you.

Typepad stands for its Simplicity. Typepad is very well documented blogging Platform, if you ever want to know anything, they will always have a step by step guide it in its knowledge Base. You can Choose your own domain name like on wordpress, it makes transferring your blog from one platform to other lot easier.

Try these services in order to make your blog for the very first time and update them on daily basis, fortnightly basis or on weekly basis.

Wishing you luck. Happy Blogging