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How to Do Email Marketing To Make Money Online ?

Discover Numerous Ways Of Email Marketing. Dos and Don’ts

Email Marketing is a very powerful tools but not many blogs realize it. A long email list you gather over your blog is a lot of money if put it to work. I have seen guys earning their lavish living just out of them. Email account in internet is just like a bank account in physical world. People keep a regular note of it. When somebody goes online its a must check like facebook. So if you gets into it ,it can do the magic for you.
Here are few things i have learned over period of time

1) Email Marketing is not just about making money of it, it helps your blog to make a brand.

2)First and widely served purpose which Email list do is driving traffic to your blog on arrival of new post, when you send  them a update , Hey i have written a new post , Check it out, Did you liked it?
Once you get traffic over blog. Traffic can be channelized to any money making way.

3) Readers of your Email list can be considered as only permanent ones , your real Fan club. Although there is nothing permanent under sun. Email list is a earned for forever. it even stays with you if you drop out of your blog.

4)Setting up your email sending Module in blog is quite easy. First You need to set up  a account with Mass emailing  SMTP services like aweber .aweber is best among its class. Second thing you need is opt-in email subscription box on a hot spot area like top right of your blog to attract your readers into it. Do you think , if you just request for their email , they will just give? World is not so simple , Put some greed to it.Read next point

5) Give your Readers a Benefit to opt-in for email subscriptions. Give them some free Valuable lesson in form of ebook or some premium section post which could tempt them in.

6) Make a special dedicated Squeeze Page for your Email Opt-in Box. Let it do the Magic.

7) When it comes to money Making with email list there are many ways. Most Popular is affiliate Marketing. Choose some ebook or ecourse from clickbank marketplace, write a dedicated article about it on your niche blog, and promote it with your email list. That’s it. Knack is email readers should get the feeling that you are just doing affiliate marketing.

8) Respect Your Email List Readers Promote the Product in which you yourself have the faith. Always ask this question. Will i buy it, if something like this has been offered to me.

9) Never Spam your Email list. You will kill it.

10) Do not send more than 2 or 3 Emails per week. Be sensible.

11) Deliver Monetized Reports over Email list, it works great

12) Show Your Email list counter over the blog. Most People are followers , they do it because others are doing it.


In short Email List is a valuable treasure if you put it to right use, it is $$$