make money online with affiliate marketing

How to make money online with Affiliate Marketing ?

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing In These Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing is a very well known way of making money online but poorly utilized to its full Length strength. Its one way which can surpass all other ways whether its adsense or selling products in downloading money if presented to your Visitors in  a intelligent way.
First thing to discuss is What is not a smart way to do affiliate marketing.

Picking up any random Product from any Popular site like Amazon and expecting  it to sale is not affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing in its standalone format can do nothing , it has to coupled with some other way.

Here are three Most Successful way Make Money Online With Affiliate  Marketing with good conversion rates:-

1. Affiliate Marketing through Advertising Banners.-the most popular one.

2. Review Writing about a product and Placing Affiliate link at the end

3. Email Marketing about a Affiliate Link.

Few Tips that can do miracles in Affiliate Marketing

1)Sell Relevant Products :-
Affiliate Marketing Works best in the Niche blog. Your Readers know you well that you are expert in that subject, if you are recommending it ,it must be worth checking out. Do not Try to sell Playboy Magazine in your self-improvement Blog.

2)Choose Product Wisely:-
Before You start promoting a product, take a while and do your homework about that product. How many conversion rate your affiliate link is making is directly proportional to how worthy that product is.
Choosing the right product to sell is First and Foremost important step in process. Do research about it. Read reviews about it.what others are saying , In short the product you have chosen is worth selling or not.

3)Do not sell that  product to others,which you would never buy it for Yourself.
Logic is that simple. Only try to sell those products in which you yourself have a confidence in and you have used it in personal. It make lot of difference in sales. Its always easy to sell Good product.

4)How to choose a good selling  product?:-
Start with google and look for new and bestsellers. e-books and e-course get easy buyers , Prefer them. Promoting new products always attract more bees. People would like to try they haven’t tried before.

5)Browse through click bank MarketPlace:-
For me it has been the best place to look for affiliate Products. Each Product carry its stats with them, like average sale and Commission it gives.

6)Clickbank vs Amazon Associates  :-
ClickBank gives you more commission in sales which Moves from 50% to 75% than Amazon which barely goes above 15% in commission. Naturally More commission is More Money.

7)Write Reviews :-
Its always easy to put a affiliate link in a review of a product. Praise it and promote it and sell it

8) Catchy Images
Always put catchy Image Advertising Banners if you try to make sale through Adsense.

9) Making A Post:
Make a post, then search for a Affiliate link about it and just glue two things together. They Fetch Sales.

10) Keeping Eye On Others:
Look at others How they are doing it.Inspiration is Vital like Respiration.

11) Don’t Overlook Forums
Look through related Forums about whats making sales on web.Go with it

12) Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a Lions Roar , Your simple Email to your Email list gather over blog can Make a huge sale of a relevant product to your blog. Write a personal review about it , put a affiliate link and email it. It Spread like fire

13) Best Network Best Product
Best 3 Affiliate programs over internet are ClickBank, Amazon Associates and commission junction. They can get you all Products from books to Physical ones.