Don’t Laugh after Reading these Funny Animal Memes

Any pet owner has many stories about the funny experiences they have shared with their pets. This is what makes funny animal memes so funny and relatable. They reach out to the huge population of the public, as many of us have pets. And, of course, we all love seeing cute animals anyway.

funny animal memes

Take the above meme as an example. This is something we’ve all probably been guilt of. Standing on our loved pets paws. If we accidentally stand on friends foot, or hand, its a quick “Ahh, I’m sorry”. But, if we stand on our pets paws, we give them so much attention, affection and love. We truly are sorry, and hope they can forgive us.

We call our pets “baby”, “sweetie” or other nicknames. To many pet owners, our pets are also our family. We love and cherish them, we understand their personality and love to make a drama over them.

However, no matter how much drama this man makes, it looks like his husky isn’t going to be forgiving him anytime soon.

Let us take a look at another example of funny animal memes. The “Smiling Cassually Is Too Hard” meme is relatable to everyone, pet owner or not.

We get told to smile, and most of us are a little self conscious about our smile. Remember that day in school, you’re all waiting, lining up to have your photograph taken. You’re a little scared and nervous. Finally it is your turn, you sit down and the photographer says “Ok, give me a casual smile”. But, your nerves get the better of you and you end up pulling the most ridiculous smile anyone has ever seen.

Dog Teaches ClassWell, that’s exactly what has happened to this dog in the below meme. Sure, it’s a dog, so it is extremely funny. It’s relatable and makes you realize that one awkward smile isn’t going to ruin your life.

This is why funny animal memes are so great. Their impersonation of a human, in a strange situation makes it even more comical.

Keeping on with this topic, of animals impersonating humans, is this “Dog Teaches Class” meme.

Obviously we don’t expect to see a dog at the front of our classroom when we want to learn. This is why animal memes are great. The unexpected really hits us in the face with amusement. How did the dog get into the classroom? What on earth could it possibly teach?

The unexpected memes raise so many questions. They keep our mind flowing, wondering, and trying to figure it out. It’s human nature, we want to understand, we want to know. But something we just won’t understand. So, we might as well just enjoy what we can. Laugh at the funny, and unexplained. The bizzare animals we see in memes. The funny animals impersonating humans in their daily lives.

Smile, laugh and enjoy. After all, what is life without a bit of fun and entertainment? It’s something we all need, and funny animal memes are the perfect source to provide it.