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How to Make a Blog Earn Money Online

Blogging is like a revolution. If you make your blog then Your blog on internet is  your impression over the web.

Why Blogging?
Blogging is a Great way of self-Expression, You get People who can Read You. if you do not  like being Lonely, Certainly it will create a busy space for you and around you.

Blogging is a way to make Money on internet. All Ways from Adsense to Affiliate marketing Starts with a high Traffic Blog. So if you like making money, it will make  a way for you on internet.

Blogging can give life to your online Business.
Its other way to get social, when Reader comes to your blog, its like a guest has came to your house.

I can write a endless post about it. Lets find how to make a free blog.

If The Question would have “How to make a blog”. I would definitely have given a single confident answer –   Self Hosted WordPress Platform. But now the Question is bit different .How to Make a Free Blog. Yes Free blog has lot of advantages over self-hosted one. Biggest advantages is free of charge service from great companies. You don’t have to worry about bandwidth, Massive Traffic or your hosting Fees. You can sleep well because your blog stays on best infrastructure possible on earth for a blog. With advent of Blogging ,blogging Platform comes into existence.

To name a most Popular ones

To start with Blogger, First word to say is it is owned by The GOOGLE. So what ? It means your blog is in hand of  biggest internet company on internet. One is for sure, No traffic can Make it go down. You can use as many images on your Blog as you like Because bandwidth usage is google’s Headache. It is 100% Free. You can Monetize your Blogspot blog with any ads Network of your choice, it supports all. Affiliate Marketing or Email marketing, you can do everything. From SEO perspective blogger is best, how best? It is as best as self-hosted blog with Personal Domain. There are so many blogspot ranking number one on google. Okay, Tell me some Cons. Biggest con is Strict Terms and Guidelines of google, if you do not walk in them, They do not hesitate to delete it. Its that simple. OMG. So you don’t have full freedom in google’s hands.

Wordpress started the trend of blogging on internet and rest followed it. WordPress is easy to use software. You do not have to be a programmer to start blogging. It has a Big Plugins Repository which can make you do anything you have ever imagined of doing. It has endless number of Themes to choose from. You can make a blog look like Amazingly Beautiful with it. From SEO perspective. WordPress is the best software with categories to posts. They rank well. its 100% free.

Tumblr is a new man in the scene. Why they become Popular ?
First ,it is not blogging, its social blogging, Even blogs get Reblogged. Second Tumblr blog has immense Beauty. If you are an Artist ,its for you.

Typepad stands for its Simplicity. Typepad is very well documented blogging Platform, if you ever want to know anything, they will always have a step by step guide it in its knowledge Base. You can Choose your own domain name like on wordpress, it makes transferring your blog from one platform to other lot easier.

Try these services in order to make your blog for the very first time and update them on daily basis, fortnightly basis or on weekly basis.

Wishing you luck. Happy Blogging