make money online by selling own products

How to make money online by selling own products ?

Tips to Make Money Online By Selling Own Products

Selling own Products is easy if done in a sensible way. Its a common thing happening around on web but different and quality is what stay longs. In selling Products, most basic products are Digital products alias ebooks. It is most popular way around, people making books out of their popular blog  and setting the cat free.

1)Make an ebook:
its easy and simple, this is why most people prefer it. Make a 20+ pages worthy and quality content in a word, five it nice catchy front face, convert tit to pdf with some online free pdf convertor and TaDa its ready. I have discussed this in detail here if it interests you.

2)Sell what people ask for:
Check the waters around, Yes its first necessary step to produce a quality product. Even in physical world its so. Understand your visitors of your website and check what they ask for. Do not hesitate to ask comments and for feedback. Sell what people ask for.

3)Make product out of your very website:
Even with a wordpress you do not get everything ready and made sometime you have to hire a programmer to get a plugin develop to get your custom work done. If you think it will be helpful to others ,Make a product out of it and sell. Fill the void created by the need with your product ,its the essence of it.

4)Do Designs:
Designing need creativity. Designers are the persons who make lot of money with their products. Programming part is not hard ,you can hire a program to get your design done. I often look  at this peerapong guy at themeforest and wonder how much he make every month by selling his very creative themes.

5)Hard Products:
It is even Possible to make a hard product with your idea behind it. For example you can get a custom t-shirt designed with lot of on demand print service websites like cafepress and spreadshirt. its not T-shirt that sells, its always the idea and designer behind it. if you have creativity, you will never be short of money over internet. Lulu is a another great site for publish your printed book in hard or soft covers ,Cd’s and DVD’s. Who knows you are the author of world next bestseller book or the video documentary you shot beautifully.

6) Create a blog:
It always start with a blog. Blog from your heart with quality content and built your own fan base. it makes you get customer. High Traffic niche  blog is always a ideal place to launch your related product. People expects more from it and More can be given in form of a product.

7)Paypal or clickbank
Paypal or clickbank is an ideal way to collect money over internet for your sales in initial phase.

8) Affiliates
Have a lot of affiliates, it boost sales

9) Discount
put an offer-People love discount and sales.

10) Catchy sales page
Make a catchy sales page which express you.