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How to make money online by Writing Review ?

Writing Review is a separate field of its own in web when it comes to money fetching scenarios. Reviews have a great influence over web. A Latest study has shown that 80% of the customers read at least 3 reviews online before buying a product. Companies know that fact well ,this is where game begins.
Here i am discussing main Points in making money about writing reviews.

1) Reviews makes Quality content:-
Its the one subject that fill you endless posts with quality content. But you will never be short of topics. People love to hear about products from professionals  before trying them out.

2) Very Search engine Friendly:-
Reviews are very search engine Friendly content. Product Reviews get very high traffic from search engines for mostly every category from books to cars to software. Everybody make a google search before shelling out some money in market. So it carries lot of high traffic keywords

3) The more reviews the more chances of sales:-
More Products you review, More choice your Readers will have, You are helping People ,may be you go to heaven because of it who knows.

4) Be Genuine:-
Be Genuine in your Review. Don’t tell Fairy Tales. Let the facts rule.

5) There are 3 ways to make money out of Reviews

Let the Company Hire you to write a review :-
No its not a dream Project, Only Requirement for it is you should be  a owner of  High Traffic Blog. When 10,000 People in world read you daily ,which company would not like to get benefit of your influence you have on web. First step to it is write genuine blogs and make a reputation online. People should respect your words.
Its not hard when you start gathering influence ,second step is do not hesitate to contact Companies relevant to your niche blog with email about writing a paid reviews for them. Your Email should have your google Analytics stats proving why you are a right person for it. The Fact is companies love to get sweet reviews about their products Because review on a web is a cheap advertisement and a long lasting since it stays on your blog forever. Companies shell out lot of money in promotions and this is one important method they often utilize. Let the company measure your influence on web.

Affiliate Marketing
Writing Reviews can get you lot of many just with an affiliate link for the product. Affiliate marketing works great with review writing. When You tell them why this product is useful ,why would they hesitate if it benefits them.

Quality Content:
Making money with others methods from High traffic which comes from search engines looking for a product reviews. Remember reviews are quality content.

So never forget the power of review writing when doing online business