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How to make money online by Selling Services from blog

Selling Services From Blog Was Never Been Easy

Have You Made a 6-pack abs in gym?. Yes, Start teaching others how to or what about being a online guide to achieve a perfect body in 3 months. Do You know the skin secret of scarlett johansson?
Even if scarlett johansson don’t use them who cares, Tell People really Working ways of getting nice skin because this is call selling services online.

They are broadly 2 ways for selling services.

1)Membership/Premium Area
2)Make a Digital Product alias ebook

In a Membership area ,a blog is divided into premium section and free section. Premium section of blog has a restricted access which can be accessed after a certain predefined  payment. I have written a dedicated article to making money online with membership site and to gear you blog to become a membership site with best wordpress membership plugins.

Making a ebook of your popular and worthy content and selling it online is other way that’s catching fire these days.

1) Start Blogging About It
To start a service ,First thing is start  blogging about it. Choose a theme of your blog in which you have a expertise and you are  passionate about it. This is the only  way to  win a traffic for your spot. Don’t tell things which you would never do  it for yourself or ideas in which you yourself don’t have Faith in. When you build a high Traffic around Your blog with really helpful working tips and posts,when you have build the trust in the hearts of your visitors that you are really expert at what you are talking about , You can think of start a Premium service about it.

2)Move Gradually
Start  by Giving Quality Posts for will set the playground for you premium service. Its like when you go to a bakery shop, You ask for a sample before buying the whole cake.

3)Put an offer
Your visitors should get the feeling that they are really missing onto something really big. For example Tell them its actual price is 100$ but if you buy it with some coupon code you get it for less than half the price like $39. These things really become psychologically easier for buyers. Give a big Discount on Annual subscription of your services versus monthly subscription. Hey what about $25 for a month and $175 for a year, it will hook more visitors in and will make them stick to you for whole year. And of course the profit they see in month vs year wins them over.

4)Give what they ask for
It is very important to  understand you readers because they are your potential customers. Do Read their Comments and don’t even  hesitate to ask question if its adding light to matter. After understanding the needs, make a service which offers what they ask for.

5)Get Affiliates:
Don’t hesitate to spread your service through various affiliate program.get as Many as you can. Affiliates gives lot of voice to your services. For example if i have to sell my Health program , i will give shot to clickbank.

6)Plan your sale Strategy:
Do not set your premium charges high like sky. Allow your visitors to breathe. Move Gradually in rising your prices as your popularity and influence grow over the web. Don’t Make them over $50.start for $19 ,then test the $29, if sales are not falling back, check the water at $39. How people are taking it at $49?

5) Ways to get More Clients
They are many other than traditional ones. Most important one is email marketing. Keep your Email subscription Box always at top right corner. Offer them extra benefits like one premium post for free. Once you get their email, Make them remember  your service and offers. Keep their trust, don’t spam them.

6) Social Widgets
Do install Social Widgets over your blog. Twitter , facebook, digg, tumblr, reddit and delicious share is must for post promotions. Even Facebook Like Button widget do its magic.

7) Create Facebook fan page
Create Facebook fan page for your services. Every like you get on your fan page worth your publicity. it offers Backlink from facebook.

8)How to collect Money?
For beginners, Paypal is the best option. it comes with many advantages. Foremost one, People trust paypal, They wont be afraid of online scam or fraud thing. Paypal has a decent charges for its  payment processing,when your business start to flourish, you can go for PayPal Pro. In Paypal Pro everything happens at your blog. Yes, all Payment processing under the trusted way of paypal and customers don’t have to leave your blog.
ClickBank is other preferred option which can take away lot of your work and make collecting money over internet easy. For a Flourished Business installing ones own payment gateway can be considered but you have to shed a penny for installing it over your software.

8) Make A Brand
First Make a Brand, then sell your service. It will easier for your audience to remember you.

9) Autoresponder
Integration with auto-responder email sending services like Aweber for mass emailing on new post arrival is a vital tool. The  newsletter subscriber can be considered as the permanent visitors of blog that add upto your Traffic.